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Freedom Forum

The official school newspaper of Freedom High School.

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FHS Instrumental Music

Director: Mr. Moran
Asst Dir: Mr. Lynn



Freedom High School Students

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Congratulations to everyone that participated in the BASD MiniTHON 2015!


Student Clubs & Organizations

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Anime Club
Art Club
Audio-Visual Aides Club
Band & Orchestra
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Chess Club
Choir & Vocal Music

Dance Company
Debate Team
Exploring Careers
Freedom Forum
Freedom Friends
French Club
Garden Club
Gay / Straight Alliance
German Club
Hackey Sack Club
International Leadership Club
Les Chanteurs
Mathematics Team
National Honor Society
Pen & Ink Literary Magazine
Photo Imaging Club
Planetarium Club
Republican Patriots Club
Scholastic Scrimmage
Science Olympiad Team
Ski Club
Steps Team
Student Council
Theatre Company
Young Democrats

Louis Martinez
Lori DiRenzo
William Safranek
Bryan Callahan
Michael Moran & Asst. Andrew Lynn
Tara McGoff
Sandra Chabot
Jennifer Volpato
Nicole Guerra
Ali Nabavian
Marnie Caffrey
Geoff Laird
Eric Baltz
Karla Erdman
Maureen Calvo
Kristin Pazzaglia
Paula Laughlin
Margaret Wimmer
Linda Jolly
Anthony Parra
Karen Lynn & Elizabeth DeJesus
Jennifer Volpato
Jeff Young
Carla Krieger
George Zigler
Cheryl Santini
Bill Safranek
John Wallaesa
Jennifer Wescoe
Michael Evans
Jamie Bothwell
Chris Jones
Maureen Calvo & John Grigg
Jodi Evans
Jennifer Wescoe
John Wallaesa
Craig Weber


Community Service

Please visit the Community Service Website for information on where to complete your hours, a map of opportunities and access to forms. Click Here

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Varsity Scholar

The Varsity Scholar Program is given for the express purpose of recognizing pupils who attain all "A's" or the equivalent. A varsity award is given to each pupil who attains all "A's" or the equivalent at the end of any scholastic year.
A student who attains all "A's" or the equivalent for the year for the first time will receive a varsity award as identified by the administration.
If a student has maintained all "A's" or the equipotent average for two or three years, after the first year, the award will be in the form of a certificate recognizing academic excellence. If a student maintains a straight "A" or the equivalent average for four years, the student will receive a lamp of knowledge.
For a transfer student to quality for the varsity Scholarship Awards, the student must receive all "S's" or the equivalent during the course of one school year at Freedom High School.
If the school from which the student transferred has a similar program, the student will not be eligible for the Freedom High School Varsity Scholarship Award, expect with regard to the scholastic work at Freedom High School.